A post to say thanks to a business.

We always like to say thanks and give credit to anyone, whether it’s a business, a customer, a person, or as in this case a fellow drone professional.

As a business all of us here at Impact Aerial understand the value in working with other businesses in the drone community, and we make sure that when someone helps us with our business we show our appreciation for their help.

In this case we would like to show our thanks to Magnus Hamilton from Norelo, a drone business based in Glasgow, Scotland.

We have known Magnus and his business for a good while now, and we have also collaborated with Norelo on projects based in Scotland that are too remote for us to service practically due to the distance, so we prefer to hand such opportunities over to Magnus and his team, as we know and trust them and are confident they will provide the same high level of service and attention to detail that we pride ourselves on.

Here’s a link to Magnus’s business Norelo.


Norelo Glasgow Scotland

The reason we wanted to recognise Norelo and Magnus is related to an act of extreme generosity.

As a constantly growing business, Norelo, much like ourselves here at Impact Aerial are always investing in new equipment to help deliver our high value drone services.

We noticed that Norelo had recently invested in some more high end DJI Enterprise Drones, and that some of their used equipment was up for sale.

Specifically Norelo had a good used DJI Matrice M200 Drone for sale, the same drone that we use here at Impact Aerial.

Now we didn’t need to buy another DJI Matrice M200 drone, but we were very interested in the upward gimbal for that drone, which helps us offer Bridge, Viaduct and Aquaduct inspections for our commercial clients.

We did initially ask Norelo if they would like to sell us just the M200 upward gimbal on its own, but understandably they wanted to sell the drone as a complete unit.

So it was a very pleasant surprise when the M200 Upward Gimbal was delivered by Royal Mail parcels here at our door, with just a thanks from Magnus via messenger, and to say it was a gift for help we had given in the past.

So thanks once again to Magnus and the team at Norelo for their kindness and generosity!

Cheers Guys, here’s a virtual beer to say thanks, 🍻🍻

New DJI Drones – Like Buses!

Yep it now seems that not a single month can go by without DJI launching yet another new Drone.

Lat month DJI announced the new Mini 3 drone.


This came after just a short while earlier when they announced the Mavic 3 Classic.


And now hot on the heels of those new actual announcements we have a rumour of yet another new DJI Drone, which looks like it might just be the Mini 4 Zoom.

Hers some of the images leaked so far.

We also have lots of people in the Youtube drone community talking about it too, the usual stuff, when is it coming out, how much will it cost etc etc.

RobHK talks about the DJI Mini 4

Tom Cruise – Mission Impossible 7 – Drone Stunt Filming

So Tom cruise and his amazing stunt team have been out filming for Mission Impossible 7 again.

And once again a huge drone filming crew were there to film it from a range of drones to capture every angle of the crazy stunt.

Tom Cruise – Mission Impossible 7

See how many different drones you can spot that are being used on this shoot!! It’s quite a lot more than you think.

New C1 Classification for our Mavic 3 Drone

So the following new post has been issued from the official DJI Blog

This topic regarding C1 classification n has been a hot discussion point over the last few months.

We will follow the instructions when they are released here tomorrow, come back to see how we get on with the updates for our Mavic 3 Drone.

The link to the news on the blog is here:


Another great new project with the BBC

Last year we were once again approached by the BBC to help produce a film.

This time the project was something different and exciting.

This was a film to be produced by BBC Countryfile.

BBC Countryfile is a great series of programmes produced by the BBC to cover a wide a range of topics relating to the great outdoors in the UK.

The topics covered by BBC Countyfile range from Farming to Fishing and beyond.


This Countryfile programme was all about a project on UK Canals.

It was a project for ground source heat being conducted by the Canals and Rivers Trust.


We were commissioned by the BBC to fly our Thermal Imaging Drone to capture heat sources.

Some projects from last year.

We are very lucky to work on some great projects in some amazing locations.

It’s one of the reasons we love our work so much.

It’s also what inspires us to make more and more fantastic content.

Last year we were asked to help produce content for a BBC 4 Production.

This was planned to chart the history of Coventry Cathedral.

Here is the finished video on Youtube.

BBC TV – Coventry Cathedral

We were also very pleased to be given credits at the end of the film too.

BBC TV – End Credits

We would also really like to extend our thanks to John Wyver as the director for Illuminations Media who directed and created the film for the BBC.


New DJI Announcement today 21st March

So today DJI are due to release 3 new products.

Lots of rumours flying around ( Pun Intended!! ), could it be the DJI Inspire 3, could it be a new Mavic 3 Enterprise?

We will have to wait and see later today, but it’s going to be very interesting indeed.

Personally we are hoping its going to be this!

We have tried to get the drop on the news from Mark Boyt at Drone Safe Register, but he wont tell us yet!


Brand New Logo Refresh

So our logo is over 5 years old now and we felt it was time for a refresh.

We have always been happy with the text and the colours of the words, but no so much the Logo of the drone.

So now we have a new version, the Logo of the drone was actually created using an image of one of our DJI M300RTK Drones.

Our New 2022 Logo

Let us know what you think!!

New Construction Promotion Partner

So we do a lot of work with a wide range of construction companies all over the UK.

In order to promote our wide range of services to the construction industry, we have partnered with this company.


And here’s the link to our specific advert on the https://www.construction.co.uk/ Website.

Impact Aerial Ltd advert – https://www.construction.co.uk/c/694509/impact-aerial-ltd

Totally Shocking News! – DSR £100K Drones Theft

We have some devastating news to share here that makes us very angry and sad at the same time.

On Tuesday this week, our long term partner, supplier and good friends at DSR – Drone Safe Register had their store in Chichester broken into, and over £100K of DJI Products stolen.

This is always sickening to hear, but even more so when it is friends of ours, and a business that literally can and regularly do, go above and beyond to support us and all of the commercial drone service providers like us and the many others in the UK.

We are doing what we can to help the Mark, Tom and the rest of the team at DSR to try and locate the stolen goods, but also locate the low life scum who committed this dreadful crime.

Heres the link to the list of kit stolen, keep a sharp eye out everyone, and if you are offered any brand new DJI kit, such as a new Mavic 3 Cine kit, for what seems like a very low price, let Mark or any of the Impact Aerial team know and we will pass it over to the CID Team at the police who are investigating.

Heres the link.


Link to List of Stolen DJI Goods

Showing some love for our Matrice M210 Drone

Sometimes when you have a drone that works so well and tirelessly for your business earning its keep, you simply take it for granted.

So someone else commented that we dont post enough photos here, so whilst we were preparing today for a survey job tomorrow, we took some high resolution shots of our DJI Matrice M210 in flight and at work today.

Brand New DJI Inspire 3 Drone Launched

So as we have said before DJI Drones seem to come along like buses, IE lots come all at the same time.

As usual there have been lots of leaks in the months and weeks coming up to the official announcement, and most of them seem to be pretty close to the real specs.

Having said that their were a couple of surprise’s, firstly the price, and its a big issue because its a big number, we added the standard DL lens price to the DJI Inspire 3 Combo and the Raw Licence and the total came to £16,186.00, thats in GB Pounds of course, and thats a huge number!

The second is the battery life which in turn gives the Max Flight Time of just 26 Minutes, which is less than the original DJI Inspire 2, a drone we have on our own fleet and still use widely for high end work.

DJI Inspire 3