Drone Property Surveys

Drones have significantly transformed the property sector in the UK, with Drone Property Surveys becoming a pivotal service for both private and commercial entities. This isn’t merely a fleeting trend. The advanced aerial imagery and high-definition footage that drones offer are driving the surge in demand for drone-assisted real estate photography. Whether for enhancing marketing efforts, boosting sales, or obtaining a detailed view of buildings, land, or roofs, Drone Property Surveys are set to become even more integral in the future.

Our Real-Estate Drones

Impact Aerial specialises in Drone Property Surveys, utilising an array of high-end drones to assist a diverse range of clients – from homeowners to estate agents – in showcasing their properties optimally. Our seasoned pilots also aid commercial firms and developers in planning projects, whether it’s rejuvenating an existing structure or conceptualising a new development.

Boasting over two decades of expertise in the drone property survey sector, we provide unparalleled media production and marketing expertise. Coupled with a dedicated team of fully licensed drone pilots, Impact Aerial stands uniquely poised to address your imaging, inspection, and surveying requisites, both within the UK and on the global stage.

Why Choose Professional Drone Property Surveys?

At Impact Aerial, we highly recommend taking advantage of our professional drone surveys for property and construction, as, in addition to guaranteeing the best possible outcome for you or your business, we will take the stress out of licensing and regulations. We don’t just assure top-tier results for your enterprise; we also eliminate the hassle surrounding licensing and regulations. It’s essential to understand that in the UK, drones equipped with cameras must have a CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) operator ID.

Furthermore, insurance is a requisite if the drone is employed commercially. There are also specific height and airspace limitations, as well as stipulations regarding distance from residential, commercial, and industrial zones. By choosing our services, you’re opting for expertise and peace of mind in one package.

The Benefits of Drone Property Surveys

In the evolving landscape of property assessment and inspection, “Drone Property Surveys” have emerged as a cutting-edge solution, offering a lot of advantages that traditional methods simply can’t match.

  1. Advanced technology ensures pinpoint details.
  2. Often more affordable than traditional surveying methods.
  3. Quicker data collection and faster survey completion.
  4. High-definition aerial photos and videos.
  5. Ability to survey hard-to-reach areas.
  6. Reduces the need for manual, potentially hazardous inspections.
  7. Live footage allows for immediate insights.
  8. Suitable for both commercial and residential properties.
  9. Advanced drones offer data integration with various software.
  10. Gives businesses an edge in the property market.

Drone surveys for property and construction

In addition to producing captivating, high-quality photos and footage of your property from all angles, aerial drones are able to collect invaluable data on the condition of your building, allowing you to inspect your roofs, chimneys, guttering, and other inaccessible areas much more accurately, safely and affordably than you could using traditional manned methods. Drones can also operate much faster than a human workforce, allowing you to cover considerable ground in just a fraction of the time – a win-win in terms of quality, time, and cost savings.

Real estate drone photography

Because we specialise in aerial drone photography, videography, media production, and marketing, we are able to use the advanced imagery collected to ensure that your property stands out in an increasingly crowded market. The more visual information you are able to provide, the more likely it is that you will secure a viewing. What better way to shed your home, building, or commercial plot in its best light than with aerial drones capable of capturing detail and beauty from all angles?

Drone property surveys for maintenance

Of course, all-angle, fly-over footage of your building or land also proves invaluable from a maintenance point of view. It’s much easier and far more efficient to plan repair work if you are aware of the problem in advance, and you’ll spend much less time inspecting the area than you would in person – not to mention undertaking far less, now unnecessary, risk. 

Property Drone Inspections

Need to inspect your property? It may be worth considering aerial drone inspection. Piloted by our professional team, our drones easily capture all-angle footage of your building, no matter how inaccessible the area in question may be on foot. They, therefore, make the inspection process much quicker, which soon translates into cost savings, in addition to reducing the inherent risk of sending a team up to inspect your property in person.

In addition to capturing detailed, high-resolution images and footage of your building’s condition, aerial drones can be fitted with a number of sensors. We create bespoke drone packages to ensure we are able to capture any data that may be of interest. For instance, we might fit thermal sensors into your drone to gather information on whether or not heat is escaping from your building. The exact location of any energy-inefficient areas can be pinpointed, allowing you to remedy the issue as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. 

A further advantage of conducting your inspections – whether routine or in response to a suspected issue – using piloted drones is that the data gathered can be reviewed multiple times once the inspection stage is complete. This eliminates the possibility of human error through inaccurate notes or misremembering details. Having physical evidence of your inspections also serves to demonstrate compliance.

Property Drone Surveys

Drone property surveys are a quick, safe, and affordable way to delineate property boundaries, also serving to inform your maintenance decisions by providing accurate data on your existing infrastructure. 

However, drone surveys are not just for existing properties. Land surveys can also assist with pre-construction planning, allowing property developers to assess the area quickly before moving ahead with their projects. The imagery, footage, and data collected can all be collated to create impressive 3D models that will better inform your construction and development endeavours.

Aside from our Drones for Data Collection, we also have Drones in Construction that can quickly and accurately capture data from hard-to-reach areas, reducing the need for manual inspections and improving worker safety on job sites. 

Impact Aerial conducts drone property surveys for both private land and property owners and clients across a range of industries, including but not limited to property development, chartered surveying, construction, local authorities and government, and religious or educational establishments. Our drone surveys for property and construction prove invaluable for both new-build sites and listed historical buildings – and anything and everything in between. We are also able to guide you through our findings to provide you with the ultimate peace of mind.

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