Brand New DJI Inspire 3 Drone Launched

So as we have said before DJI Drones seem to come along like buses, IE lots come all at the same time.

As usual there have been lots of leaks in the months and weeks coming up to the official announcement, and most of them seem to be pretty close to the real specs.

Having said that their were a couple of surprise’s, firstly the price, and its a big issue because its a big number, we added the standard DL lens price to the DJI Inspire 3 Combo and the Raw Licence and the total came to £16,186.00, thats in GB Pounds of course, and thats a huge number!

The second is the battery life which in turn gives the Max Flight Time of just 26 Minutes, which is less than the original DJI Inspire 2, a drone we have on our own fleet and still use widely for high end work.

DJI Inspire 3