Please feel free to browse our gallery, which encompasses some of our favourite photographic and videographic shots of our previous work.

One of the challenges with any photography based business, and in particular drone based very high definition image captures, is the fact that all of the images are very large, and therefore occupy a large amount of storage space.

As part of our ongoing work to improve the storage and accessibility for drone based images we are building a new platform for sharing images, which will be available as a free subscription service to all drone operators worldwide.

Watch our blog posts for news and announcements on this development coming later in 2023.

July 1st 2023 – Update on image sharing.

We mentioned before, both on these pages and our blog pages just how large the datasets of captures are that we create, which in turn can make those images very hard to share easily.

We use Apple iMac Pros to edit our image captures, these currently have 4TB of local storage in the machine itself, plus another 4TB of external flash SSD drives to allow for local editing.

In addition to the above we have two NAS Storage arrays attached via our Gigabit network, which gives us local storage of over 60TB over storage which is almost fully used.

To allow us to share our more recent captures we have been uploading images from this years work to our account on Flickr.

These images can be found here:

Smithfield Birmingham