New DJI Drones – Like Buses!

Yep it now seems that not a single month can go by without DJI launching yet another new Drone.

Lat month DJI announced the new Mini 3 drone.

This came after just a short while earlier when they announced the Mavic 3 Classic.

And now hot on the heels of those new actual announcements we have a rumour of yet another new DJI Drone, which looks like it might just be the Mini 4 Zoom.

Hers some of the images leaked so far.

We also have lots of people in the Youtube drone community talking about it too, the usual stuff, when is it coming out, how much will it cost etc etc.

RobHK talks about the DJI Mini 4

Tom Cruise – Mission Impossible 7 – Drone Stunt Filming

So Tom cruise and his amazing stunt team have been out filming for Mission Impossible 7 again.

And once again a huge drone filming crew were there to film it from a range of drones to capture every angle of the crazy stunt.

Tom Cruise – Mission Impossible 7

See how many different drones you can spot that are being used on this shoot!! It’s quite a lot more than you think.

New C1 Classification for our Mavic 3 Drone

So the following new post has been issued from the official DJI Blog

This topic regarding C1 classification n has been a hot discussion point over the last few months.

We will follow the instructions when they are released here tomorrow, come back to see how we get on with the updates for our Mavic 3 Drone.

The link to the news on the blog is here: