A post to say thanks to a business.

DJI Matrice M200 Drone

We always like to say thanks and give credit to anyone, whether it’s a business, a customer, a person, or as in this case a fellow drone professional.

As a business all of us here at Impact Aerial understand the value in working with other businesses in the drone community, and we make sure that when someone helps us with our business we show our appreciation for their help.

In this case we would like to show our thanks to Magnus Hamilton from Norelo, a drone business based in Glasgow, Scotland.

We have known Magnus and his business for a good while now, and we have also collaborated with Norelo on projects based in Scotland that are too remote for us to service practically due to the distance, so we prefer to hand such opportunities over to Magnus and his team, as we know and trust them and are confident they will provide the same high level of service and attention to detail that we pride ourselves on.

Here’s a link to Magnus’s business Norelo.


Norelo Glasgow Scotland

The reason we wanted to recognise Norelo and Magnus is related to an act of extreme generosity.

As a constantly growing business, Norelo, much like ourselves here at Impact Aerial are always investing in new equipment to help deliver our high value drone services.

We noticed that Norelo had recently invested in some more high end DJI Enterprise Drones, and that some of their used equipment was up for sale.

Specifically Norelo had a good used DJI Matrice M200 Drone for sale, the same drone that we use here at Impact Aerial.

Now we didn’t need to buy another DJI Matrice M200 drone, but we were very interested in the upward gimbal for that drone, which helps us offer Bridge, Viaduct and Aquaduct inspections for our commercial clients.

We did initially ask Norelo if they would like to sell us just the M200 upward gimbal on its own, but understandably they wanted to sell the drone as a complete unit.

So it was a very pleasant surprise when the M200 Upward Gimbal was delivered by Royal Mail parcels here at our door, with just a thanks from Magnus via messenger, and to say it was a gift for help we had given in the past.

So thanks once again to Magnus and the team at Norelo for their kindness and generosity!

Cheers Guys, here’s a virtual beer to say thanks, 🍻🍻