Showing some love for our Matrice M210 Drone

Sometimes when you have a drone that works so well and tirelessly for your business earning its keep, you simply take it for granted.

So someone else commented that we dont post enough photos here, so whilst we were preparing today for a survey job tomorrow, we took some high resolution shots of our DJI Matrice M210 in flight and at work today.

So a New DJI Drone – The Mavic 3 will be released this Friday.

A lot of people ask us for advice on what drone to buy, and how to use it to deliver the best results.

On Friday the 5th of November, which funnily is Bonfire Night, I am sure thats not a coincidence by the way, DJI will announce the new Mavic 3 Drone to the World.

You can see the teaser from here on the DJI Website.

DJi Mavic 3