At Impact Aerial, we are proud to supply drone services to a number of different markets. See below for some of the industries that we serve.


Drone photography is now extensively used in the property market, with estate agents interested in providing high-quality aerial shots of high-end residential properties. A fly-over video can also provide an angle and complete coverage that standard photography simply cannot do. Indeed, a great many individuals are now employing drone footage to make their property stand out in a busy selling market. Experiencing this kind of footage can really help a potential buyer get a feel for the property. For property developers and commercial companies, it is the ideal opportunity to present high-quality marketing, or even to assist with planning and design or new builds.

Building Services

Drones can produce 3D imaging and detailed topological graphics for designing and building both residential properties and commercial buildings. For any potential issues with roofs and hard-to-reach parts of existing buildings, drones can provide valuable pictures of potential maintenance spots and necessary compliance checks, which can lead to significant cost saving.


An increasing number of advertising companies now have an expectation for High-quality 4K resolution footage to bolster their advertising campaigns in an extremely competitive market. You can see, for example, in automobile adverts, sweeping video footage delivering fantastic shots of on-road vehicles from angles that conventional coverage can’t provide.

Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours are now the next big thing for Drone Captures.

We have created a range of Demo tours here on Kuula.

Many mainstream commercial TV Companies now regularly use drones as part of their media content. Companies such as the BBC and ITV use drones on a daily basis for natural history programs, educational video productions, news reporting and sports events. Aerial drone shots have produced iconic images in programmes such as Blue Planet and several major domestic and international sporting events.

CGI, VR and 3D Modelling

In the early days of drone technology, it was relatively static due to the amount of assisting technology required. Now, drones can add a great amount of value to existing services for construction sectors to add visualisation of projects.

Here at Impact Aerial we have many years of experience in capturing images that can add value to architectural companies, which includes CGI – Computer Generated Imaging, VR – Virtual Reality and 3D Modelling.