Another Great New Drone News Story – BBV

HS2 and BBV released this video last week.

We agree that the use of drones on the HS2 Project is a fantastic story relating to the cost savings of using drones for survey projects on large constructions sites.

However this story was even closer and more relevant to us and the team here at Impact Aerial ltd.

A lot of people, including our customers and new prospects alike probably dont realise that as a professional drone services company, prior to engaging on any new drone project we have to do a lot of pre planning to engage with the client on all projects.

One of the tools we use on every project as part of our planning phase is the airspace planning tool from Altitude Angel.

In particular we use the drone safety map from Altitude Angel to plan and notify other people of our intended flights.,-1.7755890,12.0857748997633

Drone Safety Map – Birmingham Area

Above is a screen shot from today – Wednesday 22nd March, which as you can see by the blue circles which highlight drone operations happening today in our local area of Birmingham.

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